Imagining a post-Covid-19 world

La Jiribilla

This  year  2020  has  been  marked  by  Sars-COV-2,  the  novel  coronavirus causing a disease called Covid-19, which has suddenly become a devastating pandemic changing the world’s dynamic. It is worthwhile noting that after this pandemic, the humankind will not be the same. How much and in which ways it has changed are some of the questions we should answer to urgently, if we want to be prepared for the immediate future.


La Jiribilla launches a call to reflect on the effects and consequences of this pandemic and to outline the likeable characteristics of a post-Covid-19 world.

From a diverse approach, we invite specialists from different disciplines to share their views and insights through writings, who –based on general questions– put forward the social, cultural, economic and political impacts of this pandemic.

We encourage specialists to look into family contexts, couple’s relationships, social interactions, the labor sector, health care systems, the transformation of teaching and learning, the political sphere, research, communication and arts.

During these months of pandemic, millions of human beings have witnessed in each locality, region or country, the spreading of this disease, as well as the measures implemented to avoid and reduce the contagion. With this platform of dialogue, we intend to collect different stories and experiences. Hence, we call for a diverse participation, which provides different perspectives on the impacts of this pandemic considering the geographical area, social classes, races, gender, age group, etc.

Some of the general questions for this debate are:

What transformations and changes have come to stay? What have we learned from this pandemic? Will we face a new global crisis? How can we prepare ourselves for that? What else needs to be transformed?

This international call not only intends that colleagues, friends, readers, professionals and persons from every continent tell “stories of the pandemic”, but also that everyone joins the great challenge of “imagining a post-Covid-19 world”. By sharing experiences, insights and views, we learn from each other and strengthen the bonds of solidarity we need so much.

The best writings will be published in special editions of La Jiribilla and in a book launched by our Publisher. This is a non-profit call.

Those    interested    should    write    to    the    following    email    address:

The texts shall be submitted in a Word document, with Verdana font, size 11, 1.5 spacing and a maximum of 6 pages.

The deadline of this call will be on 30 November 2020, and the writings selected will be announced before 1 January 2021, when the first special edition of such writings will be published.